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I am the one who begs and sleeps on a cardboard at the foot of number 103 in Via Panelli, right outside that building I designed before I fell from grace. Many other homeless people call me a bum, like the girl in extension 2, who is so caring towards me that she becomes unbearable. Every morning, when he leaves the house to go to work, he brings me coffee with at least two tablespoons of sugar, which I don't like sweetened coffee. Do you want to be considerate? At least make sure you know how much sugar I like in the morning drink. He should take lessons from the artist who lives inside 4. He knows how to behave with me, he ignores me, as if I were the flower box that graces the entrance to the building. Yet I am convinced that one day we will become great friends, because if he continues to be an artist without finding a real job, very soon we will be forced to share the same cartoon, under the same building. Who knows if at least he takes the coffee sweetened.

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