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Interior 2

Life in Via Panelli 103, extension 2, is quiet. Or at least, she'd be quiet if it weren't for that idiot tenant who lives above me. I assure you that there is no worse being in the entire universe! I have never had the great fortune to meet him, but I still have the honor of hearing him incessantly angry with anyone who lives on this planet. For example, he sometimes takes it out on passers-by in the street and addresses them in an unkind way because according to him they are plotting to spoil his day with their ugly faces; at other times he takes it out on the other condominiums because in his opinion they are either too slow to walk the stairs, or too fast, or too noisy, or too quiet, or too few, or too many all together. Mr. X also hates objects: those that don't work or those that work but are useless. And when hatred for people meets hatred for objects, creativity is born in Mr. X. A creativity that pours completely and unconditionally into a poor homeless man who lives near the house. And it is immediately art.

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