Indispensable advice (latecomers) to be administered with caution

Milan Design Week 2018 has now ended and now I'm here to claim the right to give you a few tips on how to survive the next one. True, it would have been useful to tell you about it before this edition started. It is also true, however, that if you are about to take what I write seriously you are fools: do not trust me, I am still in therapy.


Let's start by saying that it was the first time for me, and it was also the first time I visited Milan. You can well imagine how much my gesture is equivalent to throwing yourself into a cage of lions with your eyes closed, screaming and running wildly. For this reason, the first piece of advice I would like to give you is to know before you die: visit Milan, read up on information, understand the city. Then study well those few thousand and more events that will be present in Milan in those days between the Salone and Fuorisalone, choose the ones that intrigue you most and make yourself a detailed program.
Then throw it all away and start running. Did you really think you could stick to a schedule? Don't worry, naivety is not a fault.


You have arrived in Milan and you start walking around the various pavilions one by one. You have time, you stop to admire every single work of every single designer. Take some photos, chat with those around you, stroll sipping a drink bought somewhere while enjoying the spring temperature.
Then you wake up with a start from your meager two hours of sleep and realize that it has all been a dream. Yes, because the reality in which you will be catapulted for a week is nothing further than you would imagine: too many pavilions to see and always too little time to do so; you who will run from one side to the other elbowing among the tourists who will photograph everything they see; you who will meet that famous person who, however, you will not recognize because they are too busy trying to survive; you who will meet that famous person and you will recognize him, but with whom you will surely make a fool because nature is like that, a little joker.
Milan is pure chaos and there is no remedy for that. You can decide, however, to lie on the ground with your eyes closed letting life take its course.


The means to get around Milan are not lacking. Of course, you risk being crushed on the subway, or suffocating in the buses. Or you can save yourself by using a taxi, which will surely make you feel lighter once you get off (literally).
Ah be careful! The ticket for Rho Fiera must be bought separately, it is not worth the normal metro ticket.
There are many victims of this deception. Eyes open or wallet empty!


In Milan there is a fundamental rule: summer coincides with the Milan Design Week, it does not matter that it is April and that, until a day before, the temperatures were still low.
The problem? Try to imagine having to run back and forth around the city, perhaps with a little more formal clothes on, with a backpack, shopper, gadgets and the like behind. All day long. Can you feel the discomfort of entering a pavilion and having to talk to those who work there, who will surely be in better conditions than yours? What if I told you that you won't always be able to go home to change and go out again in the evening?
Do you perceive the anguish?


The Milanese nightlife is very special. You will meet different characters, many of whom will have the word "sobriety" as their motto. During the Design Week the night events will multiply indefinitely so that, if you let yourself be taken by indecision, you will stay at home.
The evening will be the only time in which you will be allowed to have some fun. Enjoy it while it lasts.


Of course, I can't omit the Social discourse. Whether you use them for passion or for work, social media will be part of you. Instagram and Facebook are going crazy these days. And you with them. I guarantee it.

If you have come this far, one more word: GO.
Go because it will surely be destabilizing, confusing and anxious, but I assure you that, by the end of it all, you will have already started the countdown to the next date.
Or intensive care from a good one.


Viabizzuno © Ilde M Paolucci for WMMQ

Underground © Ilde M Paolucci for WMMQ

COS Palazzo Isimbaldi © Ilde M Paolucci for WMMQ

Milan Triennale © Ilde M Paolucci for WMMQ

Diocesan Museum © Ilde M Paolucci for WMMQ

BASE © Ilde M Paolucci for WMMQ