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In the space of Martina Simeti - in Via Tortona, 4 - the exhibition "Supercolla, a new reinforced formula for every type of modernity" has included as the undisputed protagonist of the exhibition the Superleggera chair designed by Gió Ponti, one of the most important industrial design objects from the second half of the 20th century.

Guido Musante and Maria Chiara Valacchi, curators of the exhibition, entrusted 31 characters, including designers and artists, with the task of "repairing" the super -light lamps of the Portafiori, a famous Milanese bistro, now in a bad state.

Walking through the different reinterpretations   the undisputed icon of the chair it is impossible not to notice the reinterpretation of Chi Chi No design , which plays with its weight and with the creation of four polystyrene and ash cushions lined in transparent plastic. The four cushions together weigh a whopping 1.7 kg.

Giulio Iacchetti, on the other hand, with his “Rinuncerei”, decides not to intervene. It stops time and does it through cellophane, protecting it, leaving it as it is, leaving only a note with the following written on it:

"I preferred not to change it"

as a sign of respect for Gió Ponti.

The duo AMeBE reinterprets it as an office chair, making fun of their “super office”.

The superlight designed by Gió Ponti in 1955 - produced by Cassina on a large scale from 1957 onwards - remains, after more than 60 years, an object of super-design and a symbol of Made in Italy craftsmanship and design all over the world.

The 31 special reinterpretations of the chair that weighs only 1.7 kg will be visible from 9 to 19 April.


Martina Simeti space

Via Tortona, 4

Free entry

From 9 to 19 April.

Installation of the Supercolla exhibition in the Martina Simeti Space © photo Andrea Di Cinzio

In the background - above left Ettore Favini, Warp and on the right, Sylvie Auvray, Shake.

Bottom right Riccardo Beretta, Virginia Woolf and in the foreground Antonio Scarponi, Estumazione.

© photo

Andrea Di Cinzio

The reinterpretation of Clino Trini Castelli, Protoleggera Spineto, 2019 - 1955.

© photo Andrea Di Cinzio

The reinterpretation of Chi Chi No Design © photo Andrea Di Cinzio

The reinterpretation of Didier Faustino, Super Fragile.

© photo Andrea Di Cinzio

The reinterpretation of Piero Lissoni, Supercopper.

© photo Andrea Di Cinzio

The reinterpretation of Giulio Iacchetti, I would give up.

© photo Andrea Di Cinzio

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