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Creativity on site

November, Pescara, Ex-Aurum, Tosti room. On display there is architecture with the Ad'A award, fashion, craftsmanship and technological research, nautical design with the exhibition of models and projects developed thanks to the professors of the Department of Architecture of the G. D'Annunzio. Talent at the service of creativity. In the Pescara university campus for some years, ideas have been experimented with regard to nautical spaces thanks to a course dedicated to the design theme, organized by Professor Andrea Vallicelli. The activation of this laboratory has the purpose of defining some lines of design that concern pleasure boats, mainly used for sporting or recreational purposes. We move from a study on the fundamentals of the material to the types of similar nautical products, keeping an eye on the state of the art from which the designer must learn the technological chronology by inserting with added values. What is learned during the course is verified in the exercises that evaluate the parameters that are closest to the realization of an artifact capable of responding to the multiple requirements.All this produces effects that do not stop at the limit of the university but go beyond it, conceiving sometimes effective and practicable ideas, advantageous in some respects, especially when it comes to “Design for all”, that is, a design without architectural barriers of any kind. Among the virtuous examples, think of the 10 m Day-Sailer, a boat that allows it to be driven by users with motor and non-motor disabilities.In these cases, quality is appreciated and is shown as it happened at the Cantiere Abruzzo event. , praise of talent and creativity, showcase of a thought that rewards young people and their merits.

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Open IdC

A great organizational revolution has been generated, in recent years, with the passage from the faculties to the departments, defining the birth of new realities and the unification of other compatible ones. This reorganization has produced recent identities, such as the INGEO Department at the G. d'Annunzio University of Chieti-Pescara, which brings together a young Engineering and a Geology that recently turned twenty. activities of the engineering area, the two degree courses in collaboration with a newly formed association of engineering students, ESAP (Engineering Student Association Pescara), have decided to create an event called "Open Day". day of March 4, is structured in two moments, one in which two conferences will be held, in the first the guest is Ugo Galli, an internationally renowned engineer, who will expose his work experience to a mainly student audience, deepening the importance training and approach to the world of work. The software manufacturer Harpaceas will then take the floor and present an innovative program explaining its functioning and potential.The second moment is dedicated to the debate between students and professors on teaching and the organization of Engineering degree courses. Divided into four thematic areas, the debate aims to relate points of view in order to improve together the teaching offered by the department.A student-teacher collaboration initiative that can give life to a participatory project for the improvement and evolution of Italian universities.

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SMS in the Mediterranean

The “Big Projects in the Mediterranean” is the title of the international meeting held in Chieti in November last year. The offices involved are different, the buildings of the Institution and places of lesser value have opened the spaces with a completely facilitated availability.The main theme was the Mediterranean, the image of a polycentric society, made up of several states that collaborate at various levels. with projects that to date have produced fruitful relationships given by the promiscuity of cohabiting peoples, capable of producing a rich and continuous exchange. The historic center of Chieti hosted in those days conferences, seminars and debates around issues relating to the development of a widespread territory , full of resources and opportunities, which, however, has to face in a compact way today a not very generous reality.During the interview days, the role of Communication for the Development of Relations between the Mediterranean Countries, the recent Programs of International Cooperation, the protection and enhancement of cultural heritage with new job opportunities obstructing the interest in participating in training alternation processes, prizes were awarded for some works that had as a common factor the scenario and the validity of answering project questions. Among the listeners institutions, entrepreneurs with their companies, citizens and many young students, figures of a society that must strengthen its principles of cooperation that extends its horizons on all fronts, supporting a polychromatic but united Europe.

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Back to the Future

Born in the United States in 2002, it lands in Europe in 2007 as a competition that embraces 20 teams with members from universities across Europe. Selected through the project proposal, the teams process the products in their country of origin, disassembling them later and transporting them to the place designated by the competition. In 2014 approximately 10 hectares will be occupied in the Park of the Chateau de Versailles in France for the event related to the competition: Architecture, design and construction, solar systems, electrical energy balance, comfort, equipment and operations, communication and social awareness, industrialization, innovation and sustainability are the 10 competitions that each participating team will have to face, evaluated by a jury composed of construction, professional technicians and scientists. Beyond the competitive aspect, the Solar Decathlon counts on the creation of synergy between the work carried out by the university, with professors and students, and that of professionals trying to develop innovation and understanding in the field of renewable energy applied to the building sector. "The Solar Decathlon pushes homes to move towards a model of hyper-efficiency and large production, reducing energy consumption less linked to the use of plants ", ea ncora, "Solar Decathlon can be defined as a training process for students" are the words of the members of the Med in Italy team of the Roma Tre university, participating in the competition in Madrid in 2012. home of tomorrow.

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