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1 TAXI x 48

Imagine you are in Milan and find yourself seated, on a Friday, at one end of a long table. The ambient light is very low, it almost seems to be in candlelight. We are many, many, sitting at that table, we have very different accents, we are curious to listen to each other. At the center of the table there is a person, bigger than us kids, we listen to him speak. “Have you ever heard Noam Chomsky's story of the boiled frog? A frog swims quietly in a pot full of cold water. The fire gradually heats the water more and more until the frog finds it very unpleasant, swimming has weakened, it does not have the strength to react. The temperature rises again, until the moment when the frog ends up boiled dead. If the same frog had been immersed directly in the water at 50 ° it would have given a strong blow of the paw and immediately jumped out of the pot. " This is how we want to be. We want to jump! We always want to have our say, even making a mistake, but making a mistake as much as it resembles us. In Milan during the DesignWeek world there were real pirouettes that made us alive, indeed, light and free to go up like soap bubbles.

Maura Mantelli

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