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Contemporary fresco

I open my eyes, it's dark, slowly everything becomes sharper, the colors start to get vivid and everything starts to get lighter around me. The walls are painted with a slight coat of color. A fresco covers all the facades and the ceiling of the space in which I find myself, a contemporary fresco, which refers to an ancient art, created by the Greeks, reaching the golden years in the Renaissance. The scenes in the past represented real moments of life, of the actions that occurred or fictional stories. Also in this case the hand of monochromatic color seems to tell me a story, it seems to tell me: << Sit down and let yourself go to your thoughts, this is a place of passage, here you can greet your present and reach a new stage of being >> .

Everything seems to be designed and inserted into the space exactly.

The farewell chapel in Città Sant'Angelo was created by the architect Patrizia Leonelli and the artist Ettore Spalletti, a collaboration in which the two figures seem to merge.

It is difficult to imagine the succession of practices and the order of intervention, as I find it difficult to establish where the architect's work ends and the artist's work begins. One intervened on the pre-existing building, rethinking the spaces and reshaping the volumes, the other had the task of enhancing its function and meaning through his work.

The artist did not limit himself to creating simple art compositions or setting up the liturgical space, his work, inside the chapel, is not only a wise and correct arrangement of objects, paintings and color but is much more. The artist has discovered the work of art inherent in architecture, the work extends and envelops the walls, which has itself become an architectural work.

The Farewell Chapel becomes a symbol for me. A work in which the winning combination of art and architecture is revealed. It is therefore possible: two figures who often travel on parallel paths meet and give rise to a synthesis that celebrates the work of both.

Andrea Di Cinzio

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