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I love the beginnings

It is not necessary to ask why happiness is a desirable condition, because it is evident.

The pursuit of happiness is one of the most sought-after endeavors by man. Asking ourselves about how this can settle in our lives, spill over into the city, into the places that surround us, is for us one of the most urgent needs of this era.

For too long, the words "architecture" and "happiness" have no longer been associated. The crises of this time - economic, social, cultural - have taken away from our discipline the sense of educating our desires for good and beauty. It will be an uphill research path, which will lead us, for these numbers of WMMQ, to leave aside exclusively hedonistic paths, to undertake a long and arduous path through obstacles and changes.

To go through the virtues, the resources, the transformations linked to the rediscovery of this high sentiment. We need to rediscover the same intensity that is perceived at the beginning of things, the incipit that marks the beauty in itself, the desire to enrich and fill that void that has been characterizing the importance of man's presence in the world.


On the island of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice, the ten chapels are one with the forest. They show themselves as an action of memory, drawing the layout of a new city suspended in the lagoon. The gaze opens to the surrounding landscape and to the water, infusing the visitor with that sense of sacredness that goes beyond belonging to the faith, arousing participation in a universal dance. The beginning of something.


“I love the beginnings. The beginnings fill me with wonder. I believe it is the beginning that guarantees the continuation. If this does not happen, nothing could or would like to exist. " (LIKahn)

Maura Mantelli

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