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Asklepieion of Pergamum

“There are architectures that are pure; there are architectures that are the origin of things. There are architectures where everything is inside. Hadrian's Villa. The first time I went to visit it I was with Peter Eisenman who made me observe how infinite projects and paths unfold from Villa Adriana. There is a road that goes towards Aldo Rossi, one that leads towards Liebeskind, another that goes towards deconstructivism and still others towards rationalism, classicism ... It is the origin because it is didactically infinite, inside there are billions of projects. The other architecture that has always fascinated me and that I discovered during my thesis studies is the Asklepieion in Pergamum. It is an architecture in which you always find the answer to everything, it is a project that teaches all of us the ability of objects to stay close and create a system. For me the Asklepieion of Pergamum is the starting point of everything. Personally, when it comes to style, I don't think that architecture should always follow a well-defined one. Architecture should follow a desire and satisfy it. I have always been struck by the ability to recognize a completed project in a face; I always search in the architectures that are close to me if they are completed projects or not. Villa Adriana is. The Asklepieion of Pergamum is. The last reference I want to talk about is the measure. Measure means making things happen according to an idea of building parts that have a complete meaning, a sense with respect to a desire, with respect to a story that is told. Measurement makes the music work. Measurement makes architecture work. "

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