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A combination of privilege

On the occasion of the "Arch and Art" conference, held in the Department on the day dedicated to Maestro Spalletti, I had the opportunity to reflect on the combination of art and architecture. I tried to question myself curiously about their relationship and in a first analysis it appeared standardized: reduced to classification in disciplines and courses of study.

After all, it is no longer possible to be an architect or a workshop artist, as it happened in the past, when it was enough to follow in the footsteps of a master by simply learning from one's own experience. It is not conceivable to act only on instinct as it happened to men who lived in close contact with nature, when, without any acquired notion, they were able to show great expressive skills, demonstrating that the desire to express themselves artistically is inherent in the nature of man.

Art and architecture, together, have always been the mirror of a specific cultural and political environment, in which society has often recognized itself and has been able to represent and mark the different eras. The clear distinction of these two disciplines, in completely autonomous sectors, leads to the loss of identity value.

Arch and Art was an event of considerable cultural importance, in the days of Design week 2016 the magazine Domus, a pioneer of the relationship between art and architecture, wanted to re-propose this relationship in our eyes, showing that artists and architects can cooperate in harmony, without renounce confrontation and debate, showing a collaboration that still produces unexpected shows.

The gear for a perfect fit could be language. Crossing the pavilions I seemed to perceive that the dialogue between the two "disciplines" has produced an effect of surprising uniqueness, so much so that I rediscovered that spontaneity and that artistic instinct, possible even today, just like in the past.

Maura Costantino

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