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parisienne postal cards | lorenza geraldine

Don't be afraid of anything!

In the antithetical concomitance between the non-existence of certainties and the certainty of the relativity of the whole, a preponderant habit is change, revolution, moving from one position to another, be it physical, psychological, ideological or of any other kind.

Everything is destined to change: every infinitesimal portion of matter in the universe changes in the space of thousandths of seconds, plants, animals, things and people move continuously: they move from one point to another on the Earth, which in turn it rotates on itself and rotates around the Sun; Sun, earth, like the other planets, the moon, like the other satellites, revolve around the center of the Galaxy, which moves and expands, as the whole expands, the universe, infinity, if it is infinity. allowed to speak: everything moves, everything changes.

But what is change? it is nothing but an evolution, a path, it is a process, it is a Journey, it is Life.

The infinite has travel intrinsic in itself; the infinite cannot remain inert being something in continuous becoming, something never defined, it is a perdition in the unlimited; very rare or null is the possibility that a body returns to its original state and, even if it were to happen, it would still be a different condition from the one immediately preceding it and destined irremediably to change again. To speak of a still infinite, of an immobile Journey or of an apathetic Life, which are basically synonymous with each other, would emblematize the rhetorical figure of the oxymoron.

The Journey is therefore a necessary condition for Life, if not a metaphor for it, or even life itself. "What is not a journey? [...] the journey coincides with life, no more, no less", [Todorov], it is life both in physicality and in interiority. A Journey is discovery, it is knowledge, it is a wealth of new lands and new "I", "I" extraneous to our person or part of it. The Journey is an infinite journey, the space being infinite, the inner consciousness infinite and the knowledge of everything infinite, in order to make souls, especially the noblest ones, aware of insatiability, of the inappagability of their propensity towards completeness and the absolute.

Travel is freedom and travel is freedom; breaking free is an important moment. Erasmus is an experience of freedom, an authentic and essential experience, in a moment of life in which one is in the balance between the still ardent and young light-heartedness and the progressive degradation of the driving force towards our fantasized dreams.

It is a new time, a new dimension to know oneself and find oneself (or find oneself), to find the time of freedom for the memory and for the desire for the future in an intense present, to find time for one's most intimate passions, find your own path, find your own changes and your most desires. It is "slowing down and then accelerating with a flowing rhythm of life in the heart".

It is a new space. New atmospheres. Cultures, languages, opinions, opportunities to be seized.

Most likely it is impossible to describe its essence, but I will try with a short series of Words, carefully chosen, to get closer to the many sensations that can be moved in our "I" in this singular journey. Maybe "choices" isn't even the right term. It almost suggests that you have all the words in front of you and you are there to give them an audition and then select the best ones. No. That's not it. The mind performs exceptional and exasperated stunts, but unknown, unexplored, obscure and that in doing these stunts it comes across occasions of a singular nature in which it manages to grasp and bring back simple reminiscences. These reminiscences are the Words, but they could be signs, drawings, notes, shapes, lines or any elementary shapes.

Fear, insecurity, independence, nostalgia, freedom, strength, passion, discovery and rediscovery, opportunity, training, encounter, change, growth, wealth, EXPERIENCE.

One could advance with a sought-after multitude of terms, but it would move away from the aims of synthesis and extrapolation that had been premised.

And… Paris! Do I really have to talk about Paris? Conveying this precious experience in an equally rich and articulated city is the apex of the completeness of this Journey. Density, variety, refinement, creativity: these are the words that distinguish it. Paris is poetry, it is a muse, it is a lover. You can't help but fall in love with it. I thank my destiny for giving me this enormous gift.

Don't be afraid of anything!

Lorenza Geraldine

aube sur Paris depuis l'Île Saint-Louis © Lorenza Geraldine

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