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I never expected that about thirty minutes away from the metropolis of Turin, it would be possible to immerse yourself in a magical place, where past and present embrace and coexist together in perfect harmony: the Castello di Rivoli.

After a walk in the village I managed to reach the castle through a series of automatic ski lifts, which allow you to admire the landscape of the city of Rivoli and the skyline of Turin.

Once I reached the top, I came across a building from the second half of the 12th century which houses a museum, once the home of the Savoy family.

Whenever I crossed the threshold of a room, I was enveloped and overwhelmed by different sensations. My gaze was lost, he did not know where to rest first, whether on the beautiful stuccoes and frescoes of the 1600s or on the installations or works of more contemporary artists.

I was fascinated by the incredible and strong dialogue that is created between Renaissance and more contemporary art.

The castle is like a giant matryoshka. The medieval structure leaves room for the ingenious restoration of Andrea Bruno, who makes the castle shine and makes it contemporary thanks to the use of materials such as concrete, steel and glass.

Inside, the frescoed rooms let us travel to a distant past, preserving their identity but competing for the younger, contradictory, revolutionary and sometimes provocative spirit of today's artists.

This makes the castle a large machine in constant motion, with one hand extended to the past and one to the future.

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Automated lift system to reach the castle © Andrea Di Cinzio

General overview of the castle of Rivoli with the grafts of the restoration by Andrea Bruno © Andrea Di Cinzio

Entrance to one of the two museum areas © Andrea Di Cinzio

Maurizio Cattelan - Twentieth century 1997 © Andrea Di CInzio

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