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It is an evening like any other in via Panelli 103. I am returning to my apartment, extension 5, when suddenly the landing turns into the set of a horror film.

It's all dark. I see nothing and I no longer feel anything.

Maybe a Martian has landed in the city and wants to kidnap me? Or, even worse, does he want to kill me?

The beating of my heart punctuates the fearful silence when a roar brings me back to reality: that idiot from inside 4 barks from behind the door because the light has gone out. He is an artist and he is very nice, but his constant "creative acts" make him obnoxious and annoying.

I decide to resolve this situation and cry like a madwoman on the stairs to wake up the concierge, who always falls asleep while watching TV.

In a few minutes everything is resolved, or almost! The light returns but I receive a call for disturbance of the condominium quiet.

Well ... maybe it was better to know a Martian!

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