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Darkness slowly takes the place of light and I find myself in Via Panelli in front of number 103.

It seems to me the right moment to rob the cellars of this nice building, but I have a problem: a hostile homeless man who lives opposite blocks the entrance. I decide to enter from the porter's lodge, where, however, even here a concierge, intent on untying her curlers, prevents me from entering. However, I take advantage of the moment in which she turns to look for the spray for her hair to sneak in, but here I stumble on the first step and find myself rolling around so as not to be discovered.

Finally I'm in the cellars, I start to take everything I can hold in my hands, but I trip over the electrical box making the whole building go out of power. I begin to hear the footsteps and voices of the tenants who head towards the cellar to understand what happened and not knowing what to do I try to escape, but here is the concierge, who begins to scream relentlessly, warning everyone of my presence; I try to escape but he begins to hit me with the spray of the lacquer and despite this I manage to get it out of my way.

I arrive at the entrance, where, however, the tramp, who had heard the screams of the poor woman, tries to hunt me by chasing me around the hall, but at a certain point he stumbles on the same step on which I too had previously fallen and is no longer able to get up , giving me a chance to escape without getting caught.

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