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In Via Panelli 103, there is the building where I have lived for the last 3 years, in interior 4, to be precise.

I never tried to figure out who lived in front of the door of my house or who lived upstairs, but I always paid particular attention to the girl downstairs.

A somewhat clumsy girl and particularly slow in her ways, she almost seems to come from another universe, where the four dimensions do not coexist, time is absent.

This variant somehow allows her to be always serene, for her the hands of the clock do not turn and if they do, they are activated only when she wants it. Her way of doing things calmly does not worry her minimally, and every time I see her I reflect and always ask myself a question ...

I who run all day and am always attentive to that ticking am I less master of the time I live?

Or is she, who slowly lives her life, the real mistress?

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