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Every day is the same story in Via Panelli 103, in this condominium there is always something wrong. I feel that today will be a tiring day, crowded with complaints and buzzing on the stairs. I think the light went out, the guardhouse suddenly darkened, just as I was trying to read a new chapter of my book. Before all the condominiums start crowding in front of me, I must immediately fix the fault. I know perfectly well who could help me. I'll call him right away. I just hope that my insistence does not make him think that I am a compulsive psychopath with an uncontrollable obsession with him, even if, in fact, I usually call him, I would say almost every day, indeed I would say twice a day. I might seem almost obsessed with the electrician, almost because my phone calls remain professional and detached. I don't want to be too conspicuous, but I love hearing his authentic male voice so much, only to see him rushing in and understand that his help is almost useless, as his skill in the field is zero, but his commitment and his professionalism are so magnetic that I cannot do without them. I have been promising myself, for some time now, to stop the phone calls and at least manage to touch the idea of ​​talking to us; yes, because I could define this love of mine rather platonic, the dialogue I have with this man is limited to the duration of a phone call. His presence embarrasses me and for this reason I tend to sit in the gatehouse and limit myself to giving the right instructions to deal with the daily breakdown. Here he is, so serious and professional, now he surely won't know where to put his hands, but his stubbornness is really to be appreciated. I hope he can fix the problem, I really need to finish my chapter.

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