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I'm in the gym climbing. This is my place, it is where I find my lightheartedness. I hear the phone ring, I don't want to answer. When I'm here, I want to be alone with myself. It rings again. Yet. I answer. It's him, Francesco again. What will he need this time? Will he feel alone up there in the attic? Should I help him open yet another can of tuna? Ah no, it's getting worse, but I almost guessed it. Today he needs my company, he is afraid of the dark! He has already rushed down the stairs in front of the door of my apartment. He's waiting for me. He will never change, always looking for someone to go and solve his every little problem. Typical daddy's son! I could run to help him, as always, or I could let him solve the problem by himself, sooner or later he will have to learn to get by.

And at his umpteenth "I'll wait for you" I start training again.

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