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Mute dialogue

“Theater is very similar to architecture because it concerns a story; its beginning, its development and its conclusion. Without each other there is no theater and there is no architecture. It is also moving that each one experiences a small part of it. " (Aldo Rossi)

The theater is very close to the world of architecture, since both disciplines establish a direct or indirect dialogue with what is around it. A concrete example can be found in the Teatro del Mondo: a project conceived not only as a theater, but as a measuring element of the city and of itself; an architecture that recovers the past and the memory of Venice by combining them with more modern forms. The Theater of the World manifests itself "personally", it imposes itself as an "actor", as a mobile and changing protagonist. He is a character who breaks down the fourth wall and opens up to the public, making him participate in his story. It is a floating scene that manages to dialogue with the environment, making it a mobile scenography and an integral part of the structure. It is an architecture that persists as an open dialogue with the world, a dialogue expressed not through words, but through images, colors, lights. The same reflections on the water along the journey in the Adriatic.

Ilde Paolucci.

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