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Like other cities, Milan also undergoes and transforms itself under the charm of spring, but with an enthusiasm that has little to do with the blossoming of flowers, it is a city in search. Installations, exhibitions, parties, famous aperitifs and unexpected dialogues: the Fuorisalone.

Different personalities gather here to share their research, imaginaries and new perspectives. Because products and services should live on this, with meanings and emotions.

I experienced these meeting places in Design Week 2019, with long queues at the entrance, early registrations and dozens and dozens of people listening.

Today is a slow time, a time of sighs, but not a stopped time. The “talks” , which have always been organized during the design week, resist and are reborn digital . Dialogues that make us free and increase the desire to dream big. In this difficult historical moment, technology helps us and perhaps makes culture more accessible, closer. And in a moment, we reach online the words of someone that we could only have heard while traveling.

This is the case of the “Decameron” project launched on Instagram by the Milan Triennale , one of the most important and active cultural centers on the national scene. The name chosen already suggests the desire to tell new stories in such a complicated time. And in these days when Milan would have welcomed, perhaps its most important event, Paola Nicolin interviews Michele De Lucchi , architect, designer and director of Domus magazine in 2018. Together they reflect on forced isolation and future reactions, the power of dialogue, the role of technology and the discoveries of quantum physics that have influenced the way of understanding spaces. We entered the house and thought of De Lucchi, in his rooms, among his paintings and his imaginaries:

The Salone del Mobile is a holiday.

We Italians are world famous for our unmistakable lifestyle, everyone envies it.

Not only for the image of pasta, the mandolin and the mafia,

but above all for the so-called three Fs that is food, supplies and fashion.

Italy as the art of knowing how to live.

We cannot lose this characteristic of ours therefore we are responsible for guaranteeing it.

Many people are waiting for April to see the Salone del Mobile and be immersed in it,

and feel pinched, not only because we exhibit new products to be placed on the market,

but because they give us an idea of ​​the stage we live on.

They give us a projected vision of the great future.

I therefore expect that next year will be less consumerist because

the products do not exist only to attack the market, but to tell us something more.

So, let them be products of dialogue. "


The live interview continues on the Instagram profile of the Milan Triennale.


Paola Nicolin interviews MICHELE DE LUCCHI | LIVE Decameron

Cadorna metro station | Salone del Mobile 2019 © Chiara Tuttolani

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