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What are the priorities that has been set for the management of the degree course (Engineering, Geology). And what changes, on a structural and didactic level, do you imagine for the next ten years?

Considering the fact that the current education minister was one of the major opponents of the Gelmini reform, we expect a further change in the Italian school system.

How must university education be reformed to better respond to market needs? In order for a recent graduate to enter the world of work more easily, is it necessary, in your opinion, to make changes to his degree course?

The degree course in "Building techniques" was born ten years ago within the Faculty of Architecture, as we had identified a segment in the working world, strongly desired by the external forces of the University (Association of builders, local authorities, etc. ), which was more oriented towards the construction site and structural design. The transition from "Building Techniques" to "Construction Engineering" has been a strength for us as there has been a significant increase in the number of students enrolled.

In terms of employment, what future scenario do you imagine for the profession (architect, engineer, geologist)? How effectively, the current economic and social crisis is changing the rules of the game, and which are the pieces of this profession that are most affected by the crisis ?

The positive side, in this period of crisis, is that students have a greater awareness, a greater ability to manage the time and resources available for studying and leaving university. In the ordinary course management we notice how students are much more motivated, more attentive to what we give and what they expect.

A welcome message to students who intend to enroll in the Engineering and Geology Degree Course and a message to greet students who leave the University to enter the world of work.

The invitation I feel to make to students is to face and live the university experience with great enthusiasm.
The university must be understood as a laboratory in which to constantly seek tools for sharing knowledge and knowledge (and for this reason teachers must be involved) and, at the same time, in which to implement the actions of understanding (and for this reason it must express all the enthusiasm of the students).
The passion expressed by students will be the driving force for facing the world of work in its many difficulties, and will give the opportunity to enhance those interests that will confirm the conviction for the choices made.

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