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Among the stages of the Design week, on Corso Monforte, between one lighting showroom and another, at number 35, Palazzo Isimbardi.

Historic building, example of the Lombard baroque with its façade, and guardian of the history of Gian Paolo Osio, noble lover of the nun of Monza who in 1607 took refuge here and was then killed by treason.

This week, container of the COS installation , in collaboration with the French architect Arthur Mamou-Mani .

A symmetrical structure made with bizarre bricks. Square pyramid trunks in renewable bioplastic. A production work of about two months, made using four industrial 3D printers, and assembled with elements of the same material: polylactic acid (PLA).

An almost primordial structure in its forms, a modern Inca pyramid emptied to become a roof, consistent with the theme of sustainability well represented in this Salone 2019 and at the same time perfectly inserted in the 16th century palace.

Why the name Conifera?

The structure seems to accompany you from the internal courtyard to a room in the building and then opens up again to the garden, filtering the light and making the transition fluid and gradual, changing its color together with the rooms. In the first part of the path, PLA is mixed with wood, for a warmer color, similar to that of the existing flooring and plaster; in the final part the PLA is left alone and is shown in an aseptic white, in contrast with the colors of the garden.

In contrast, but at the same time unexpectedly in harmony.

The almost solemn elegance of this work is evident in the gaze of the visitors, who automatically walk more slowly than outside. No longer following a line, but the rhythm of one's steps, with the face marked by the shadows created by the structure itself as the light passes.

The passage between inside and outside protected by an artificial conifer, plants not present, but recalled.

A brief moment of quiet and reflection for those who have traveled, taken a break from work or simply intrigued, have crossed the very fast Milan.


Isimbardi Palace

Corso Monforte, 35, 20122 Milan

“Conifer” Cos x Mamou-Mani

9 - 14 April 2019

The facade of Palazzo Isimbardi

© photo Chiara Sileno


The relationship between the installation and the existing one

Sunlight through "Conifer"

The relationship with the natural elements

© photo Chiara Sileno

"Conifera" inside the court

© photo Chiara Sileno


Basic unit of the structure inspired by the geometric patterns of the flooring

PLA and wood mix, modular structure

Different colors of the base unit

© photo Chiara Sileno

"Conifer" open to the internal garden

© photo Chiara Sileno

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