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Our time

Architecture changes, evolves and with it the ways of representing it also change. Representation has always been a useful tool for design but, today more than ever, the tools available have totally changed the ways, space and times of architecture. Suffice it to say that the three-dimensional modeling allows the new generation of architects and not only to enjoy, live and cross spaces not yet realized, coming to simulate in detail the complex game between natural light and architectural artifice. The use of these tools pushes us to experiment, to shape new forms and modify them in real time, making sure that the elements take shape before our eyes. If we add to all this rendering and photomontage software, architecture finds its completeness of story, where images made of living and real contexts allow us the full understanding of what the project wants to express even before it is realized. Accelerating physical and material times is leading us to an immediate and wider use of architecture, capable of stimulating the project, the way it is represented and certainly also the way it is created.

Marco Corona.

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