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Salone and Fuori-Salone, the "moment" of Milan

1200 events recorded in the city, 1000 companies present at the fair, 250 million turnover, 400 thousand visitors in a context that is that of a city like Milan, where you can breathe modernity and feel in step with the times.

Then there is me, a 22-year-old boy enrolled in the fourth year of Architecture in Pescara. From never having taken part in this very important appointment, I go there for the first time as a student reporter for Domus and find myself expressing opinions for the most famous architecture magazine, which until recently I limited myself to collecting, made me feel honored. , privileged and grateful, albeit with a hint of concern, above all for the fear of not being up to par. Hence the desire, but perhaps I should say the hope, not to miss anything, to observe everything with curiosity and actively to arouse it, arriving however at the conclusion that there is too much to see and too little time to do it. Design week becomes a tour de force, a marathon of objects, art, situations, people, stories, events and unexpected events, all to be experienced. This is my Design week, a real bet ... won.

Giorgio Bernardi

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