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Real interactions

Today, most people use the internet and speak at the same time from different countries through a virtual network based on the image.

An image "promotes" a cultural content. An image immediately represents a place. An image becomes the link between man and architecture, nullifying physical relationships and modifying the way of perceiving things.

Here, this is a problem! Why? Everything moves away from materials, disconnects from places and is devoid of real interactions. The communication tools become more and more abstract and incorporeal, limiting the ability to create, to intervene on reality and to modify it.

How can you go one step further and get something more concrete and tangible?

Perhaps the need is to find a real interaction with things, being in the same place and having the awareness of living it together.

Architecture is thus a dialogue, where everything is constructed in such a way as to speak directly to the individual. Architecture is no longer an image, but an active tool, a form capable of arousing emotions, a place to be explored and experienced by capturing sensations, perceptions and ideas.

Erica Scalcione.

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