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Giotto had Cimabue as a teacher. Leonardo learned from Verrocchio. Raphael's first appearance was next to Perugino. The old shops were real talent factories. In Paduli, a small town near Benevento, you still have a shop house today. How important is it to have a teacher? And what relationship does it have with the younger generations? is it still time to experiment together?

MP - Masters are in history, young people must learn from history.

You found yourself working in different urban contexts, managing to establish a dialogue with the people in the city. I am thinking of the work Montagna di sale was duplicated and exhibited in Piazza del Plebiscito in Naples and then reached Piazza Duomo in Milan, the Porta Europa in Lampedusa or the Cross in Piazza Santa Croce in Florence. You defined these works as ephemeral, that is, they do not pose as a monument but are epiphanies. In all these cities his works have become icons, symbols of new life, leading people to consider the modification of a recognized public space. Based on your experiences when a work of art ceases to be an artist and becomes everyone's?

MP - They pose as epiphanies, like a cinema screen, when the light is off the magic vanishes.

Silent, I retire to paint a picture, this 1977 work of his marks the return to painting that characterized the late 70s with the rediscovery of pictorial figuration as a revolutionary gesture. Today, more than then, the ways of experimenting, of disseminating information and knowledge are changing in a vortex of ever-accelerating change. Do you believe that another act of revolution is necessary in this current era?

MP - It is always time for revolution. Today it is more difficult and rare.

His works are often inserted in contexts with a strong identity character, places rich in history, signs and symbols, which have always shown a strong link with architecture, landscape and with the geometric elements that characterize it. What is your design approach when you work in important architectural contexts?

MP - Of careful observation, and respect for the architectural space.

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