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It was thought that the most significant turning point in the theme of “architecture and communication” came from the new design software, capable of illustrating factories in four dimensions. But their limitation was precisely this: they illustrated them. In the last decade, however, architecture has gone from being a coveted object of representation to a means of communication. It has become a medium, an active component and no longer a passive one. We speak of “hypersurface”: “More than eliminated, the screens have become larger; gigantic projections with images and writings are part of the metropolitan landscape and furnishings ”(AM Monteverdi). This is possible thanks to video mapping, a new technological frontier that transforms the facades of buildings into animated and interactive surfaces, an “augmented space” that changes lines, shapes and colors, and behind which parallel worlds and moving characters emerge. The music then marks the composition, amplifying the emotion of the observing public. A real performance, a sensory journey, created following mapping, 2d composition, modeling and 3d animation, which brings us a message. New.

Chiara Di Sabatino.

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