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Creature city

I ran into a car, indeed, to be precise, a creature, it's HUGE. It seems to be composed of a series of circulatory systems and organs, all of its own, unique and unrepeatable. I had already heard about it some time ago, from a respectable man, named Charles Jeanneret, he explained to me how, that being was nothing but a perfect creature, which he called Chandigarh. She is the same as you, she told me, in all respects, from your great arteries, which in her, are nothing but great roads, to the government and administrative buildings, which in you are the brain.

Now I am face to face with a new specimen, older, than the one I had heard of, it seems to have a thicker history, steeped in good memories and great scars. It is said that it was born 6000 years ago and is called Pescara, so they call it because one of its arteries is born on its back and flows into the sea. It is an ephemeral creature, ready for continuous change, is killed, and is ready to be reborn bigger and stronger than before, in continuous evolution, in its DNA, there seems to be a gene that adapts it to every situation.

Observing it, I notice how unique and complete it is in its genre. One arm outstretched into the sea and the other touches the mountain, it's amazing how fascinating it is. With its multitude of places, it has given home to countless and influential personalities, from Michetti to Spalletti, from d'Annunzio to Flaiano, a great cradle of wisdom, enchanting.

In short, a truly unrepeatable creature different from all the others, Pescara, my CITY.

Andrea Di Cinzio.

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