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The Nonna Pescara

Just take a group of fishermen, a port and a sea, mix everything and you will get a small village, then add a river with its inhabitants, mix everything again and you will finally get a charming community that from its birth to today it has given more than one emotion to anyone who has had anything to do with it. Now just take any grandmother, like mine born in 1927 and you can see that the story of a grandmother like mine and Pescara are not very different: they were born in the same year, they grew up together, they became mothers and women. grandmothers together and for this reason I consider Pescara as a great grandmother who gives you life lessons, who makes you smile, who scolds you when you are wrong. but that has its time it has its defects that drive you crazy but at the same time make you love it. Says Tim Parks: "Pescara has the magic of making you feel good about the world, without requiring any effort." Complex, not always easy to understand, but always full of unexpected surprises, in her life she has seen many, when she fell she was able to recover, she grew up, she became complex, she became great, even more important. Important for many people. who always pass by her and always leave her with something important and unforgettable.

Lorenzo Morelli.

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