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Metamorphosis Beyond the Shape 4.0

On June 22nd, at the Aurum in Pescara, the exhibition of sketches for Ovid's bimillennial Metamorphosis Beyond the Shape 2017- 4.0 - Ante mare et terras was inaugurated, the second in a series of celebratory events, introduced by the general curator and professor Raffaele Giannantonio. “Today is the second step of our journey. Metamorphosis Beyond the Shape is a visual laboratory dedicated to Ovid's Metamorphosis, the two thousandth anniversary of his death in 2017. We wanted to create a path divided into several steps, preceded by a series of informative events, such as conferences, through which the participating artists are able to provide us with a series of graphic, plastic or photographic elaborations, in view of what will be the exhibition. final of March 2017. The final exhibition will involve the entire urban fabric of Sulmona. The idea is to involve the entire region, however, because Ovid can be considered a character who has contributed to the growth of the cultural heritage of the entire Abruzzo.

We were sent to Ovid Week in Boston in May 2017 to exhibit our paintings in their final formulation. Today Pescara embraces our culture, the culture of the Abruzzo hinterland, because Ovidio, like D'Annunzio, belongs to his entire land. "

Metamorphosis Beyond the shape, is an artistic path in the making and in change like the same work of the Latin poet. Many artists such as Artisti x Ovidio, the Cultural Association of Abruzzesi Lejo Artists, the G99 groups, Maw Factory, flanked by the students of the artistic high school of Sulmona, wanted to remember Ovid in a new way, replacing the ordinary official and commemorative celebrations, through a rereading and interpretation of Ovid's work in a new perspective that unites word and matter.


Tecla Bosetti

Exhibition opening - Sala Alambicchi EXAurum © Tecla Bosetti

Works for Metamorphosis Beyond the Shape 4.0 © Tecla Bosetti

Works for Metamorphosis Beyond the Shape 4.0 © Tecla Bosetti

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