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There was twice the Fuori Salone. Two different exhibition methods remain impressed on the Milanese event: the one that takes place in a new, avant-garde exhibition space, and the one that attempts to rediscover a sense of domesticity that now seems obsolete. In the event there is the desire to return to an exhibition of design objects in a context that is not "patinated" but which smells of home. You do not have to "accrerditarti", what welcomes you is a smile, in a warm and comfortable environment, which smells of muffins. The young brand MADE promotes a design without intermediaries and opens the doors of Jacopo's home, a young photographer who has furnished his home with the furniture they produce. Between photographs, CDs and furnishings, life intertwines and branches out. This is not fiction but a real house in all respects. Once inside, you can sit in her living room, lie down on her bed, leaf through one of her books and even taste a Simona dish. Going back to rediscovering oneself, to recounting everyday life, to welcoming people in a living room without a television where you can talk and get to know each other, this is the idea behind this simple but strong initiative.

Maura Mantelli.

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