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The proposal of the Dutch Space Encounters studio for the F uori S alone 2019 is that of an exhibition path in which work and visitor merge into a single element. A performance that allows you to look inside, an ambitious work that is proposed as if it were a journey.

"What do you really need?"

the small museum seems to whisper to us.

In today's society the needs seem to be many - perhaps too many - but which of these are really indispensable and which are not? Through this sensory journey, between scenes of everyday life, each visitor is led to question himself, to search among emotions. The contrasts of light and shadow, quiet and bustle, are perceived by crossing the spaces. The images on display tell of life, the awareness of being ourselves and the value that each of us can draw from our personality. The story of a love story, the beauty of being together, a story without addictions but only of sharing.

What do you really need?


Clerici Palace

Via Clerici, 5, 20121 Milan MI

“The Museum” Space Encounters x Creative holland

The museum - Space Encounters x Creative Holland - Palazzo Clerici © photo Ludovico Conte

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