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My Architect


In March 1974, a man was found dead in the toilets of a New York station. The police could not identify him because he had deleted the address in his passport. He was Louis Kahn , one of the greatest architects of the twentieth century.

"Alone and penniless, he had just returned from India [...] What did you think in the last minute? Had he seen or talked to anyone? For years I struggled to settle for the little I knew, but at a certain point it wasn't enough for me anymore. I had to know him. I had to find out who he really was. So I set off to discover his works, in search of the man who had left me with so many questions. "

Thus begins “My Architect”, a docufilm resulting from the urgency of an illegitimate son - the director Nathaniel Kahn - to discover the figure of the father. Nathaniel in front of the monumental architecture is a child in awe. But he is not satisfied with the first impression, he wants to understand the works of his father, tracing their meanings that go beyond the technical and professional aspects. In reality, even this does not satisfy him: he seeks answers in the people who lived, worked and loved him with his father.

his action is always mechanical. His actions are rationally programmed, there is no anger, no frustration taking over. Instead, there is something magical , a kind of mystical attraction. The silent images of the daily life of this brilliant character communicate such strong emotions that no dialogue would ever have been able to return. The materials, spaces and light create atmospheres of great impact and intense relationships. Louis Kahn now belongs to history: his buildings remain and remind us that architecture is there. It exists in an eternal and different world, which is not consumed. Architecture is like this, a journey of terribly concrete emotions. It has marked epochs, it has inflamed souls. Give happiness!



Nathaniel Kahn


Building of the

National Assembly

Dhaka, Louis Kahn


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