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There has always been an inseparable link between the history of forests and that of men. Since these two stories have intertwined many things have taken on important meanings for people's lives. The expanses of trees over time have not been able to defend themselves from fire, from activities related to agriculture, grazing and construction. Human society has left indelible footprints on these ecosystems.

2017 was the black year of fires throughout Italy, 124 thousand is the estimated number of hectares of forest that went up in flames and Abruzzo was one of the most affected regions.

The Outside-in installation invites people to reflect on the wealth of our land. This precious asset is thus kept in a black and burnt casket, which can only be entered with a glance. The heart of this box can be scrutinized from different perspectives with mystery and curiosity. You can grasp the differences, interact with nature admiring it in silence, because it in turn - without haste - has instilled in our consciousness something that is worth discovering and respecting, inexorably.

Maura Mantelli

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© Maura Mantelli for WMMQ

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