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Barcelona Pavilion, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Order, clarity, essentiality, are the key words of the great master's architectural vocabulary.

Peace, harmony, amazement, these are the sensations I experienced while visiting one of the masterpieces that best exemplifies the “Less is more” concept.

Entering the Barcelona Pavilion, the separation between exterior and interior disappears and I feel enveloped in a space which, despite its rationality, geometry and linearity in the arrangement of the partitions that clearly delimit the rooms, manages to evoke poetry.

A tub of water welcomes me before plunging myself into the broken lines of travertine, marble and onyx, which direct my gaze to the bottom, there, where the transparency of the glass, through which the light diffuses softly, and the reflection of the statue of G.Kolbe on the water, create a unique and suggestive space.

And in this corner I sit, on that cold floor, almost feeling unworthy to be able to touch that jewel of architecture, to contemplate the space around me.

The simplicity, the contrast between the light and dark tones of the materials, the nature that surrounds me, the presence of water, push me to restrain myself and want to stay in this place, where my ideal of order, purity and elegance materializes.

No skyscraper, castle or fortress could make me feel this way in my world.

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Precision, geometric linearity of spaces © Federica Moratti

View of the large rectangular basin © Federica Moratti

Materials details: Open pore travertine © Federica Moratti

Materials detail: Golden onyx. © Federica Moratti

"Der Morgen" (the morning), bronze statue by Georg Kolbe Federica Moratti

View of the smaller basin through the glass wall © Federica Moratti

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