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Reception and Congress Palace

“I don't think what was important to me 25 years ago can still be important to you today. Or yes". Speaking of references with the architect Federico Bilò, a biographical premise immediately emerged. Born and raised at EUR, in Rome, he has always lived "surrounded by buildings of rationalism: I attended a school overlooking the back of the BBPR post office and played tennis behind the Palazzo dei Congressi in Libera. In my opinion, this last building he can still say a lot, but we must ignore fashion: as a student I looked at it a lot, trying to copy it. Its modernity, if any, does not come from the avant-garde, but from the decantation of the classical language. It is an extraordinary building that has had a great importance in defining my elective affinities and a way of thinking about architecture. Extraordinary because it is a building built on the flows and movements of people. "Hence the crossed stairs and the communication between the roof garden and the theater outdoors with the halls and atriums; the overall scheme from domus to compluvium; the immense space, basilica, of the cross vault; finally, a two-faced building. "I will be banal, but the drawings that the plan and the section together represent it better, an axonometric exploded view would be even better. "

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