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Simple places


On March 20, 1848, Ludwig I of Bavaria, after a government characterized by a passion for the arts, had to deal with the growing protests of the middle class against his own person. Ludovico was considered an unconstitutional monarch and as such he had to abdicate. He marked not only the town but also the Münchner Residenz, the enormous structure of three main complexes in which he lived, with the extension works carried out by the architect Leo von Klenze: in classicist style, according to the Florentine models of Palazzo Pitti and Palazzo Rucellai .
It was March 20, 1916 when Albert Einstein faced his most creative scientific phase. He spent ten long years in the apartment on the second floor of number 49 of the Kramgasse in Bern. Among those flowered walls he developed the theory of General Relativity. His annus mirabilis lived in that house of a few square meters. On March 20, 1969, John Lennon married Yōko Ono, the two quickly bought three more apartments in the Dakota Building that they used as storage rooms, a studio for Yoko Ono and a guest apartment. One of the many stately condominiums in Manhattan, with its condominium meetings and dinners with neighbors, most of them scientists, musicians or poets. Architecture seems to want to frame life. Silently it is the stage of every scene, it tells of our presence, inexorably defines us. Whether everything happens in 30 or 30,000 square meters does not matter, the house, our house, full of defects, approximate and contradictory or vice versa, beyond everything, from personal experience, is full of memories that helped to create that place , that place objectively simple for us. We can celebrate our place every March 20th from 2012 onwards because, beyond all, that is a happy place.

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