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Ricardo Flores

interview by LORENZO MORELLI



Where did the idea of ​​"The Morning Chapel" come from?

It comes from the color that takes up the Venetian cocciopesto. As in the rear part of Palladio's convent. For us, the memory of Venice has to do with materials like this, the color, the sun that beats on them and the way they age, also because, with this chapel, we wanted to create a fragment, a ruin of something previous. , a wall of an existing building.

What is the relationship you wanted to create with the context?

On the one hand we wanted to keep the path of the Chiostro del Palladio, it is the longest path in the park. A year ago, when we crossed this space with Francesco Dal Co, we understood the importance of this path that reaches the lagoon. We thought that before reaching the end of the path, it was interesting to find this long element, a wall, to create a suggestion, an oculus, a single door and crossing it you can pass into an unknown world, the natural one.

There, on the other side of the wall we discover a small room waiting for us, a subtraction in the thickness of the wall open towards the woods. This chapel is part of the pine forest, counts with its strength and size, becoming a huge temple of nature.

Are there any architectures that represent happiness for you?

For me, happiness is linked to the concept of emotion. For example, an architecture that excites me a lot was that of Asplund in the building of the municipality of Goteborg, or in the cemetery of the wood (there with Lewerentz).

I remember that as soon as you approached his work and, when you began to take the first steps in the lines of the project, you felt accompanied. In the Skandia Cinemas in Stockholm, going down the stairs you discover that there is a hole that directs your gaze to another farther away, and it surprises you, you realize that something is heading towards you, unexpected and exciting. This unpredictability is the strength, the essence of emotion.

"the first sun of the day [...], an invitation to sit alone or in a group."

Ricardo Flores and Eva Prats

The Morning Chapel (2018)

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