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“Now here, to stay in the same place, you have to run as fast as you can. If you want to get somewhere, you have to run twice as fast "

• L.CARROLL, "Through the mirror and what Alice found there" •

Have you ever tried to draw a mirror ?

Look for the right angle to grasp its ephemeral and fleeting but at the same time immanent form, perhaps what you will be able to achieve is only what the mirror reflects, yourself. In the patio of the historic Palazzo Litta stands the Echo Pavillion designed by the Chilean studio Pezo von Ellrichshausen , the architectural object in its “unbearable lightness” reflects and allows us to re-read the surrounding historical space.

The effect is to produce a double reality, the viewer experiences two spaces: the practicable, measurable one, and the reflection that is difficult to grasp in its form because it hides behind the representation of the first.

On entering, however, the game is overturned again and this time we are invited to observe the sky, the atmospheric weather that changes and changes continuously.

In this case, architecture allows us to understand its transience, the impossibility of grasping any aspect, if not that of change.

We can reflect and be reflected, look at ourselves and let ourselves be looked at.

Reflect in me.


Litta Palace

Corso Mantegna, 24, 20123 Milan

Echo Pavillion by Pezo Von Ellrichshausen open from 9 to 14 April 2019

Free entry

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