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Gray Frame _ by Matteo Pendenza
I'm not from Milan! _ by Maura Mantelli

Milan is not my city or at least it is not always. I arrive, absorb it for a few days and run away. During the Salone del Mobile many people become invaders, take over the city, fill its streets… they crowd it! Then systematically we leave to return to our own reality. How does the city change in relation to these events? How do about three hundred and sixty thousand visitors relate to Milan? Maybe these are not the first questions to ask yourself .. maybe you have to ask yourself how a true Milanese lives this change .. And this is what I did. How much does the Salone del Mobile influence your habits and how does it transform the city in your daily life?
The Salone del Mobile is an extraordinary opportunity to enter the world of "beauty". The citizens of Milan, residents, students, simple commuters are influenced by this event and, for weeks before, they fear its extraordinary power. The chaos, the movement, the traffic are an integral part of the event itself. The city is alive, cheerful, punctual. My daily life in these days of the year is influenced by times, programs and appointments. But this is by no means a bad point. We adapt with pleasure and with the awareness of being part of a world event.

Which image linked to this event will you always remember?

The image of a group of children without sleep, without hunger, without schedules with a passion for the "beauty" that becomes contagious.

Could you give me a reason to go back to see Milan during the Salone and one not to go back? If there are?

There are none, reasons not to return. There are only images to experience for the first time. And then relive them because the "beauty" changes from year to year, it evolves as our sensitivity evolves. Next year everything will be different, us, the event, the images that he will give us and that will remain with us forever. See you later.

Maximilian. 34 years. Milanese.

Tire dealer: Auto electrician: Garage _ by Miriam D'Ignazio

Recycling spaces: workspaces that become avant-garde spaces to exhibit the work of the collective +31 (0) 13, the WMs and the studioberg. The influence of northern Europe, in the Lambrate area, with WE MADE IT, WORKMATES AND BERLIN REFLECT, has been recognized for some time now. Garages decorated for the festival to host, recognize and compare the work of young European designers. A few less glitter and a little more truth, a garage is always a garage! Where was the smell of the burnt oil?

@Via Ventura 2, Milan

And you, LOVEtheSIGN !? _ by Miriam D'Ignazio

Via Ventura14, tables, stools, shop and free wi-fi: a bottle of water in the desert for young reporters looking for electricity for their smartphones and computers and above all for the god of the internet to be able to publish their articles! All pampered by the fabulous design by B-LINE! What's else ?! A moment of relaxation to discover what is LOVEThESIGN. Marzia Gandini (think PR) tells us: “LOVEThESIGN is the new e-commerce of design, from the big brands to the excellences of emerging craftsmanship. It was born from the idea of three former managers of Privalia to create a support system for those companies that would not have the strength to sell online or abroad and for brands that do not already have a system within their company. It therefore becomes a real trend observatory on what is being sought and what the customer has difficulty in finding. " Thanks LOVEThESIGN for the comforts offered at the FuoriSalone, but above all for your work in the defense of copyright and original design, weLOVEu!

@Via Ventura 14, Lambrate

TERRA di RANA _ by Miriam D'Ignazio

A pioneer of Dutch design, but founded in NYC by Jan van der Lande and Kazumi Hamaya, Kikkerland is today a global organization, bringing together talented artists from all over the world. “Inventive, witty and smart” the rampant creativity thanks to which even the most utilitarian gadget becomes a pleasant discovery. Kikkerland combines form, function and ingenuity to create intelligent objects that intrigue! Have fun in the Frog Land!
@ Ventura Lambrate

Re-industrial life _ by Maura Mantelli

In the suburbs of Milan where the wind of the revolt blows, the Fuorisalone tells us about an architecture fragmented by the lives of those who inhabited them. A kermesse that of Lambrate Ventura that showcases the old and now empty containers of the past. An old barber shop, a garage, a tire shop, outdated homes, old and huge industrial spaces ready to be invaded.
The relocation of production, the same economic crisis has favored the consequent migrations of industries, small businesses and even people.
The Fuorisalone event reactivates these places allowing them to be rediscovered. There, where once there were scissors and combs and women only accompanied the children, we relive the invention, the creativity, trying not to distort the essence of what it was before but to make both coexist. What and how much can a yellowed wall evoke? Thinking that the Lambretta was in there leaves everyone intrigued, and to think that today those spaces can be occupied by those who will design the Design that will change the future does not take on a different meaning.
It is difficult to imagine what is behind all the peeling walls, it is easy to let ourselves be attracted by the abandoned shells, as Kevin Lynch said, and to capture the imagination of tourists as it happens with Roman ruins.
@Ventura Lambrate

Coins between the fingers _ by Matteo Pendenza

I have always thought that money makes jewelry: entering any jewelry store in the world, paying we could have as many as we want! … But can you have a ring with one euro? Lex Pott said yes! With his extraordinary inventiveness he has transformed a common coin into a ring with a unique and original design, where the zigzag perimeter of one euro is transformed into the ruled decoration of our new jewel! The technique is simple: drilling in the center with a PLC lathe, for example, our 20 cents, we could have a ring measuring 18 and therefore each coin can take various measures of diameter! Thanks to Pott then you can 'practically' transform the money… into jewels to wear! Definitely innovative!

A wardrobe in your pocket _ by Matteo Pendenza

"COOL!" is the expression of amazement that is felt among the various spectators of all nationalities, in front of the Woodstock Wardrobe, the original and fascinating portable and easy-to-assemble wardrobe, which only needs a supporting wall. This time the designer is the Dutch Jeroen van Leur who, observing the comfort of the camping tents that symbolize the theme "I bring my home to every place", commented proposing "we would not feel even more at home if we traveled the world. carrying our personal wardrobe in our pockets!? ”… surely our clothes will always be close at hand !!!

The splendor of rust _ by Matteo Pendenza

“When I found myself in the Duomo area this morning, a wonderful sun shone on the magnificent seats of Ale Jordão, a young Brazilian artist-designer-architect. The surprised expression was born spontaneously in me as to all those who were in front of that nice vision .. recycling can really be a wonderful thing !!! - I exclaimed loudly! A fully wrapped chair, covered by the classic orange net that marks the work in progress, gave me the perception of being in front of an object that can become another object, that can be recycled, to which we can give a further life: a life as a work of art! Thus Ale Jordão obtains conceptual design objects of art, from car bodies such as the Beetle and other brands that have depopulated in Brazil, such as the Chevette, the Kombi and the Parati ... The final set-up that comes out is really interesting: then treating them with a golden-orange automobile paint, they take on an almost plastic tactility.
It is important to think about how an old rusty body can become a comfortable seat! Mickey Chair, for example, is particularly interesting: the artist transforms the famous Mickey Mouse, the little mouse that the whole world knows, from a fast and dynamic cartoon to a large and static chair, while at the same time preserving the icon of Disney success.
There are many nuances that can be perceived in his style, ironic and plastic, but I do not want to reveal anything else to let you enjoy his originality live, perhaps in the magical setting of the Fuorisalone in Milan! "

Cooking en plein air _ by Miriam D'Ignazio

In the greenery of the Triennale gardens, a work island designed to be outdoors. Open is not a kitchen, it is much more: it is a machine for preparing dinner, drinking a glass, listening to music, chatting with friends, cooking a dish, eating a good dish. “The bodywork of this machine” is in satin stainless steel, natural woods and industrial glass. Bucolic design to the rescue!
@ Gardens of the Triennale, Viale Alemagna, 6

HOST | TRUST | GUEST _ by Miriam D'Igrazio

Fast, changing cities that try to satisfy the constant demands of events. Full, saturated, calm, empty, frenetic, inconstant. We build, tear down, occupy and rebuild, leave empty spaces, create meaningless spaces. It's a question of spaces and accessibility. Airbnb can be an answer. An online platform that connects people from all over the world, people who have spaces of any kind at their disposal: from the room, to the apartment, from the villa to the castle, from the trullo in Ostuni to the villa in Tuscany, to the loft in Milan. The opportunity to live with local people, to share their spaces and discover their "style". The city is discovered from the point of view of those who live and inhabit it, creating a relationship of trust. Third era of the internet, the return to offline, to the truth of relationships, from the era of avatars and social profiles, passing through second life, we have reached the moment when online is at the service of real relationships.

@Piazza XXV aprile

B (u) Y DESIGN _ by Miriam D'Ignazio

The surrealism, consumerism and black humor of Seletti and Cattelan, flanked by the red / white glass by Ron Arad, form the backdrop to the Limited Edition of the historic LC4 chaise-longue model by Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perriand produced by Cassina in collaboration with Louis Vuitton. Not only this inside LaRinascenteche this year, after having opened the design week with the installation "In a state of repair" by the artist Martino Gamper (dedicated to the concept of the reuse of objects and created together with the London Serpentine Gallery) had a look of attention abroad with a space dedicated to Designblok, an important design and fashion fair in Prague, and to Made in Spain with about forty products from 16 design studios selected by the Iberian platform O- Cults. Design supermarket: the sales competition is open!

@Piazza Duomo

e-mosc: on _ by Matteo Slope

We are all constantly changing, constantly evolving.
The world itself is, and with it also its plants, its creatures and… “why not, its objects?”. This was a spontaneous question born in the laboratories of Alcar Italy, by the Project Manager Bruna Taurino and by the Concept Designer Giovanni Lamorgese.
The concept of RI_USO, from which the name of the project will originate, is born to follow a very specific thread: the idea of a new concept of eco-sustainable industrial design is combined with the concept of metamorphosis, of transformation. Everything can become something else. And this is absolutely fascinating.
Finding myself in front of an old tank, proposed here at the Temporary Museum for New Design, which, due to micro defects, did not pass the quality control examination, the designer company does not throw it away, on the contrary, it takes it into consideration to do so. to be reborn: putting it back in the oven it comes to life, taking on a thousand facets of shapes, of chromatic effects; in fact it evolves, like all of us.
Observing each object that is naturally different from the other, thus becoming a unique piece-sculpture, makes us think: how many shades could even more be created around it? Its thermosetting material, returning to the oven, becomes more and more resistant, giving the sculpture a way of giving the sculpture an “outside” life. And it can be transformed into a seat, into a lamp, into an object for its own sake, where the viewer could reflect himself, giving him further life, between reflections and plays of light.
Being able to live, see, sit down, observe, enjoy something that could not have future outlets, that had to be set aside, destroyed, or placed in a landfill, is for me the real magic that a designer has in his hands: like a god ground, the artist shapes that dead piece of clay, and with his breath gives it eternal life ...

@ Temporary Museum for New Design - Superstudio Più, Via Ventura 27, Milan

Bokja! _ by Greta Burtini

Design studio Bokja return to Salone with a collection full of happiness and for the first time will be using textiles produced exclusively in their Beirut-based studio that are ready to manufacture at any scale.
Bokja has made a name for themselves by collecting materials, ideas and moment and assembling them together with a democratic design approach, giving each element equal importance. Good Thing Collection of BOKJA!
@Space Rossana Orlandi, Via Matteo Bandello, 14-16

The Endless Stair _ by Greta Burtini

Alex de Rijke, director of the dRMM architecture studio enthusiastic about the project, explains: “The Endless Stair is a temporary sculpture designed to be reconfigured indefinitely. After initially thinking of placing it next to St. Paul's Cathedral, the organizers of the London Design Festival decided that the best place to erect the staircase was outside the Tate Modern, the world-famous modern art gallery in Bankside. The combination of modern art and architecture is the ideal context for this Escher-inspired installation, from which visitors can enjoy a breathtaking view of London and the Thames.

@ State of Milan, Via Festa del Perdono 7, Milan

Don't lose your epic moment! _ by Miriam D'Ignazio

How to empower the smoker in the act of throwing away a cigarette butt and polluting the city? JTI CLEAN CITY LAB, an international design contest conceived and created by JTI (Japan Tobacco International), involved one hundred students from four prestigious international design schools in the conception and development of communication projects aimed at increasing the awareness of smokers on the impact of their habits on the environment, to modify the components and reduce the dispersion of cigarette butts in the city. The first prize was awarded to the group of students of the Politecnico di Milano with the #epic moment project for the ability to transform an obligation (looking for a suitable container for the butt) into an epic, happy and convivial moment. A transmedia project, whose possible declination on the web represents a great opportunity to circulate a viral video online, through a fun and engaging message. In the video we see a distracted smoker invited to "kick" his butt off as if he were to achieve the decisive match point and thanks to which he could be acclaimed and become the protagonist of an epic moment!

Bubbles of Lights _ by Greta Burtini

Small rippling glass bubbles alongside other larger bubbles - light shines everywhere! In the large bubbles are the motors that make the lamp rotate slowly, creating a sea of ripples of light and shadow. The main purpose of this object created by the Poetic Lab studio is to want to capture the beauty of light by recreating it in a domestic environment.
“Designed to be a symphony of flower, mist, light and geometrically-shaped granite, where the result is a… 'scene' instead of merely composed a physical object. What holds the flower is not something physical, but a misty volume of light. "
@Space Rossana Orlandi, Via Matteo Bandello, 14-16

CO.CO.CO. with ARCO ' _ by Miriam D'Ignazio

To build, to operate, to encretize. The Codes & Bulloni association that manages the YATTA! Space, a “makerspace” that the Municipality of Milan has recently assigned to them with a public tender, has involved the Arco 'in their alternative Open Week. A week ended with a day of intense work: a free self-construction workshop in which young students, led by the group of architects and engineers of the COoperativa Arcò, tried their hand at designing and manufacturing cardboard furnishing accessories. The collaboration between the Yatta space and the Arcòs will have continued: this was only the first step in organizing other meeting moments in which to experience in the so-called "spaces of doing" the concreteness of the project and the inter-scalar and interdisciplinary cooperation. .

@YATTA! do-it-yourself makerspace (Viale Pasubio, 14)

Tera Towers _ by Matteo Slope

In the end we realize that they are VASES without being the usual vessels anymore. From teraplast they have become towers, buildings, streets and sculptures, I walked through them, I became a citizen and spectator of this so realistic and so ironic urban landscape. The vases have been decontextualized, from containers they have become pure content, thanks to the hands of MILLO. He is a street artist, his art is b / w, the result fascinates and amazes.

The Magic of the porcelain _ by Greta Burtini

Maarten Kolk (1980) en Guus Kusters (1979) work together since 2009. They both graduated cum laude from the department Man and Leisure at Design Academy Eindhoven. They develop autonomous projects and work as exhibition designers and curators. The poetry they find in nature, history, color and landscape are the foundation of their work. They try to translate this into objects, material applications, exhibitions and innovative production methods.

Returnable Blank _ by Matteo Pendenza

Closing my eyes and concentrating a little, I remember a distant visit with some of my friends to the MADRE Museum in Naples: we immediately stopped on that little yellow box, with a strange phrase written on it, signed Piero Manzoni. "ARTIST SHIT". They burst into loud laughter, but I remained silent, with one eyebrow raised and another lowered, trying to ask myself what that "work of art" could be called and trying to identify if it was a deception or not: there was really excrement in there? Those boyish eyes had fully centered the theme that the great Milanese artist places in his greatest icon in the art of the artistic avant-gardes after World War II. It is precisely on this double vision, on the questions, on starting to ask ourselves questions, that the great genius of that great provocateur Manzoni takes place! He who is the powerful god, that god who finds himself signing women's bodies directly, balloons with the value of his "artist's breath" inside, "magical bases" where everyone can turn into his sculpture, and even sign even yellow boxes with his artist shit inside, regardless of whether it's fake or true. A subtle and conceptual irony that reaches its apex in its longest "Line", where it draws a line on a sheet of 7200 meters, which it seals in a chromed metal cylinder and which it buries so that it can be found by chance in the perhaps distant future . That distant future has now arrived: fifty years after the death of the great artist, who died in his thirties, Milan celebrates Piero Manzoni with a major exhibition at Palazzo Reale - Piero Manzoni 1933-1963 - open from March 26 to June 2. I'm still outside the Palazzo Reale in Milan and taking my Molaskine and my usual black bic, I note the scattered thoughts of that same boy who, after years, finds himself in front of Manzoni again. Inner look. I worked on this in the exhibition just seen: I branched out a canvas composed of images and I believe, in my deepest inner gaze, the only one who can really see that line of 7200 meters, the only one who can see, still finding himself in front of that yellow box, seen at the Donna Regina Museum in Naples, what's inside. There is certainly the poetics of a genius; there is certainly the ideology of an Artist, with a capital A. There is me, who am the user of his thought. And there are all of you who, like me, become his sculpture ...

Fuori Salone _ by Maura Mantelli

You know, the Fuorisalone is frenetic, convulsive, sprawling in the city. Many dwell on the brand, on the events that the city offers in these seven days of delirium. Always and fortunately this week the undisputed protagonists - that is the furniture, the design, the stands, the materials, the concepts, the affordances - are added to the people, the flashy ones, those who dream of being stars for a day, those who smile, those dressed in pink and why not ... even those who fly!

The city inside _ by Maura Mantelli

The images created by Marco Splendore are reminiscent of Win Wenders' film Until the end of the world: while the planet earth is threatened by the fall of a satellite, Sam and Claire cross various countries of the world, also to escape the impending catastrophe. Their journey ends in Australia, where Sam's father will make a device that can show his blind wife the images again. These are blurred, colored, with indefinable outlines. Like those of Splendore, the images are unrecognizable but at the same time clear. An evocative story that frames the micro-cosmos created by Four Progect. Pure solids that allow themselves to be contaminated by natural and living elements such as wood and artificial elements with an evanescent appearance such as acrylic. With this game of contamination, matter opens up new scenarios in it capable of being reflected in its surroundings.

Fruit on the city _ by Maura Mantelli

The big apple is here! At Fuorisalone everything is possible: even take New York home ... or maybe put Amsterdam on the laid table. Metrobowl, created by designer Frederik Roije, brings back the plots of metropolitan cities. By modeling these textures he manages to obtain large containers without altering the appearance and perception of the urban system. Cities always contain something organic… in this case it's fruit!

Merry-go-round _ by Maura Mantelli

In a former industrial building in Tortona, the empire of the rising sun opens at the show with Tokyo Imagine, an event that includes different forms of expression to represent Tokyo. In the Japanese city, the modern metropolis and the ancient Edo culture coexist. This relationship between present and past makes Japanese designers range from objects made of Hi-Tec rice paper to references to old rides animated by video projections. Merry-go-round… samurai-proof!

@ Visconti Pavilion, Via Tortona, 58

Stories of light and Fantasy _ by Maura Mantelli

Every inventor knows that at the center of a great story there is an idea that inspired it. This is the case of Indipendent Hub +, the event dedicated to Italian independent design. Independent Hub + is a container of ideas and creativity - characteristics that are identified in many emerging designers. The MID studio, among these, considers design as a language, their works dialogue and interact with the simplest things, telling us about everyday life and imagination. Fantasia, which in addition to being the name of their lamp, leaves us free to imagine and reinvent stories related to such a common object in our homes. In fact, 3D printed joints use broom handles, steal spaghetti from the pantry, steal screwdrivers in the toolbox, and use whatever else comes up to support themselves. Fantasia becomes an element of connection between light and supports.

@ Via Savona 53, Milan

Milan Patchwork _ by Maura Mantelli

A method of adding a detail, image or color to the city. Urban textures, which modify the infra-ordinary, distort the nature of the elements in such a way as to take them to extremes, capturing the eye of the observer. Textures applied to architectural elements, sometimes exhibited as in museums, other times they become metropolitan sharing, evoking suggestions both among an interested public and in those who do not experience design but suffer from it.

MVRDV: The Vertical Village _ by Greta Burtini

Elaboration of a LIVABLE CITY model that supports upward development; a village whose main purpose is human relations through green spaces and meeting places. This city model aims to preserve the qualities of the traditional urban village: greater flexibility and more neighborhood life. The installation of the Fuorisalone 2014 consists of 77 large foam cushions covered in the shape of small houses, all different and therefore can be used to create different types of villages.

Serendipity _ by Matteo Slope

“Quick steps and curiosity. Wide eyes ready to observe, see, know ... In the river of this multi-ethnic wave I breathed a desire for culture, despite the diversity of classes, roles, knowledge and people ... I lingered on the fingertips of the people who, with irony, with wide open mouths, with amazement and wonder, they indicated the most different designs that could be glimpsed in the Milanese Salone del Mobile. I was among them and like a chameleon I changed my gaze, admiring the little one and at the same time contemplating the big one. I believe that the Salone del Mobile really offers this: a vision of the creative world on those everyday objects that appear to us today as banal as they are boring. Let's open our eyes and let's not be satisfied anymore: art comes to meet us in all things; we can still choose whether to put colors in our common and everyday black and white! "

Drugeot: Chaos and Order! _ by Greta Burtini

Functional but essential, irregular but balanced, no logical scheme accompanies the design of Drugeot! Pure wood wrapped in colors, a completely natural result but of great impact. Multifunctional mirrors and bookcases, the essence of Drugeot's design is the use of pure forms of geometry… simply brilliant!

Everyday! _ by Matteo Slope

"A spontaneous smile was born on my face as soon as I saw this strange sculpture: an unusual white chair drew attention to itself ..." yet it is such a usual object, an object present in every house in the world, in every office, in every bar, in every shop… everywhere! Why am I so amazed to see him now, here, at the Salone del Mobile 2014 in Milan, in front of me? " ... the reason for these questions, which arose spontaneously in me, as in all the other people present in the room, was quite simple: finding a toilet upset in the design was definitely unexpected and, at the same time, absolutely intelligent: if I think of trams of the day, to appointments, to haste, to time that goes faster and faster ... if I think about this then I connect it all to her too. The only real moment of pause that we find is right there, on that chair, perhaps making our minds amused, perhaps giving us a bit of quick reading, perhaps rethinking words and moments we have just lived, savoring life with so much tranquility and ... comfort ! Federico Traverso represents in his EVERYDAY the perfection in the comfort that we seek every day! Absolutely brilliant! "

Walking in the jungle _ by Maura Mantelli

In the frenzy of the Salone del Mobile, the walk between Mario Bellini and Nicola Di Battista becomes an opportunity to explore at a different speed the pavilions that also house the latest creations of a master, from yesterday and today, of our history.

A slow-motion that gave both of them the opportunity to meet and share ideas and opinions.

Let's get back to the Opera _ by Miriam D'Ignazio

“Who said that a table is a top with 4 legs? … That a table can't make you think? … That a table cannot have a double life: above and below the top? … That now all tables have been invented? ... that a table cannot be a "WORK" of 24 parts and 40 joints? " “Who said that a table is a flat surface with four legs? … That a table can't make you think? … That a table can't have a double life: above and below the flat surface? … That all tables have already been invented? … That a to WORK made of 24 parts and 40 joints? " Mario Bellini

@Salone del Mobile, Rho Fiera (Hall 5 - MARITALIA)

Nendo, giving people a small "! ”Moment with Emeco _ by Maura Mantelli

We just meet the Emeco's brand manager who allowed us to ask to the designer some questions about the stool he designed for them, “SU”. As architecture students, we would like to know how "SU" can balance between complexity and simplicity to get the "smile" effects, which is one of the most important aspects of his work. We'll back to you soon with his answers. Stay tuned!
@Salone del Mobile, Rho Fiera

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