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Instead, how do others see it?

International design meets, as every year, in one of the cities where art is at home. During the Salone del Mobile Milan becomes a large interactive gallery. Crossing the streets of the city you find yourself immersed in a reality where imagination, creativity and innovation have no limits and the public is carried away by the frenetic air of the countless events and exhibitions. What I find fascinating, as well as observing the numerous objects on display, is how the public approaches an event as vast as the Salone del Mobile.
There are those who establish a path to follow but also those who live for the day and decide to see what is found in the corners of the city. Curiosity becomes the protagonist!

Helping myself with the camera I therefore tried to tell the expressions and behaviors of the varied audience of the Design Week, managing to capture the thousand funny, amazed and even a little bored faces. One of the most interesting things was not the simple observation of the object but how the public approaches the places but also simply to a chair or a lamp.

Greta Burtini

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