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Built mental space

The flow of information and opinion that surrounds us today is paralyzing. It puts us in a position to be continuously updated on the developments and new experiences of the architectural panorama without any filter, without any critical selection work. How do you get the right ones? Francesco Venezia tells us to bury the most important information in our memory, after having chosen, cataloged, forgotten them. We chose them because they allowed us to build “mental images”, representations of our mind that we recall as guidelines for our behavior, capable of influencing the design process and transforming architectural thought into built mental space. Thus architecture becomes a place that expresses and embodies a spatial and life experience: mental space materializes in bodily forms, which tell the meaning and meaning of the ideas present in things. How, then, to express architecture? The only means is drawing: in English the verb to draw has a double meaning, to pull, to highlight. This explains how drawing has an important role: to be a means of extracting, revealing, concretizing mental images.

Marco Di Teodoro.

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