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Talking about references with Elianora Baldassarri, professor of Industrial Design is not an easy thing, it ranges "from the spoon to the city". Talking about references with Elianora Baldassari becomes a "pretext" to tell the curious story of a graduate student in literature who falls in love with architecture with the great ambition to change the world. Talking about references with Elianora Baldassarri is an opportunity to review all the architects who have gone as far as design: from Aldo Rossi to Gae Aulenti.

If we talk about design then it is impossible not to mention Bruno Munari and the list could still be long. Speaking of references with Elianora Baldassarri it is unthinkable to stop on a single project because "the references are not fixed but change over time". Architecture, objects and everything around us can be a good reference. The example of Leonardo Da Vinci studying birds for his first airplane prototypes fully supports this thesis.

So really everything, even the provocations that the world of design is full of, such as the chair for very short visits or the teapot for masochists, can be good references, the important thing is to know how to observe them with a careful and critical eye.

The masochist's coffee pot © Bruno Munari

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