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TEXT - Experience a story

First Course // Strangozzi della Quintana

At the heart of every great story is a hero who inspired it.
LOOK WHAT YOU EAT was for us a magical experience, where tradition is intertwined with the delicacies of the Umbria region.

The test tube, a symbol of experimentation, has been the container of this world in which fantastic stories have come to life.

project menu //

Four fairy tales, animated in StopMotion, which tell the dish associated with
an Umbrian tradition / folkloristic event.

Giostra della Quintana // Strangozzi with truffles

Second course // Flowered hen

Dessert // Ceri pinoccati

The infiorata // Gallina 'mbriaca

The Festa dei Ceri // White and Black Pinoccate

Amaro // Nocino of the crossbow

Palio della Balestra // Nocino

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