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Dear Milan,

this is a good chance to come back to you; Do you remember all the Sundays I spent walking through your streets as a child? How many memories ... I did not imagine you could give me others.

I quickly travel through as many areas as possible in the off-hall, juggling between one exhibition and another, until I decide to relax a bit and take some time to visit the triennale. Through the Sempione park, remembering how this scenario in my childhood catapulted me into an enchanted world, where among the trees and the chirping I felt like I was inside a fairy tale .. Here I am, at the gates of the triennale, this feeling has not changed, welcomed by an aluminum rhinoceros and three bronze buffaloes (sculptures by Davide Rivalta, Animalia / Umbracula.) return to that enchanted world.

Finally I arrive at the new museum of Italian design! A path that accompanies us through the most important works of "local" design ... I have the opportunity to make a "slalom" among these pieces of art, from Giò Ponti with the Superleggera, still unsurpassed in its lightness, Gaetano Pesce with its iconic furnishings…. But my attention is immediately captured by an object that I did not expect to find: the Alfatec Vacuum Cleaner! I approach amazed, the memories resurface. Childhood Saturdays spent in my father's small workshop, where the bin was used to clean wood and metal shavings; how can I forget that thanks to it I earned the best pocket money by cleaning the car! Unaware that it was a piece of Italian design history, one day we discarded it (now regret comes over me). An object that I never thought I'd find in a museum, perhaps because of the humble use I made of it! It was a pleasant surprise.

The journey of memories continues, with the very famous Olivetti Lettera 22, an unreachable typewriter for me, it was very difficult to obtain permission to use it, one of those objects my father was very jealous of, which became an object of desire for me (never reached up!)

And last but not least, the fabulous Aurora Hastil fountain pen, designed in 1970 by Marco Zanuso, one of the first fountain pens that was given to me and that started my passion for writing and calligraphy.

These objects, which are part of the history of Italian design, are also part of mine, making my memories even more special.


The Milan Triennale

Viale Emilio Alemagna, 6, 20121 Milan

Italian Design Museum

Giò Ponti

SUPERLEGGERA, Cassina 1957

© photo Tecla Bosetti

Gaetano Pesce

THE CHAIR MOTHER, series up, 1969

© photo Tecla Bosetti

Attilio Pagani, Francesco Trabucco

VACUUM BIN, Alfatec, 1974

© photo Tecla Bosetti

Marcello Nizzoli with Giuseppe Beccio

LETTER 22, Olivetti


© photo Tecla Bosetti

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