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Thermal baths of Vals

When there is a need to make a single name, there is always a selection operation, albeit a mental one. Each theme has its roots in some name. References for an architect are fundamental. They are not the mere sum of the knowledge of the different works, but it is their study, their sedimentation and rereading that metabolize, in every single person, a different character. The educating to the reading of the codes of the form is often considered unfortunately as the simplistic vision of the figures / images. Often forms are copied without understanding the reasons for them. Choosing just one architectural project is embarrassing; Isn't a work of art architecture? Doesn't a wall that cuts into a hill build architecture? Isn't a book an architecture? … But you ask me only one name and its most representative design. Absolutely, the thermal baths of Vals (1994/96) by Peter Zumthor, through the design of the section (be it horizontal, plan, or vertical; even its elevation appears to be a "section"). Architects often tend to hide their sources of inspiration and even try to sublimate them, if this were possible. Let us take back the responsibility of declaring, quoting and commenting through the action of the project. All this would abolish the designer labels of stylistic self-citations, reinforcing the reasons for the forms used in the design of the space.

S.Marino interview A.Ulisse

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