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An interstellar journey

Hi, this is the on-board command speaking, located inside the CP-19-36 spacecraft.

During the journey you will find every kind of comfort inside the aircraft.

The space that surrounds it is only 20 square meters large and is not only found on board, but there are 7 other beings of its kind.

The spaceship on which we travel is a model inspired by a terrestrial project, equipped with a series of design elements that will be useful during your stay here.

On your left you will find a small kitchen with a camp stove, 8 seats and 4 workstations on which to place your equipment, in the central axis you will find the tubular controller for internal heating and a staircase that leads you to the comfortable upper mezzanine where you can find 8 sleeping places.

Sit down, enjoy the ride. Destination planet MARS.

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We landed on planet Earth, Asia, Japan, precisely in Tokyo.

The spaceship was designed for extreme situations, but here too it seems to fit. Researches of the on-board computer show a particularly high population density problem in this region of planet Earth. The housing types are not completely suited to the problem of land consumption here, perhaps our technology designed by designer Charlotte Pierrand can solve the problem.

Our aircraft is measured and designed inside to allow up to 8 people to live at the same time.

The terrestrials seem to have thought of a typology similar to that of our spacecraft, but with the function of a search module for environments in Antarctica or a typology for dwellings on the planet Mars. The project of our spaceship, "Refuge Tonneau", seems to be not only useful for interstellar travel or as a housing solution for extreme environments, perhaps unconsciously or perhaps not, the "outdated" technology of Pierrand can be proposed as a new study base for problem solving here on the "blue planet".

Andrea Di Cinzio

REFUGE TONNEAU GIF - © Andrea Di Cinzio

REFUGE TONNEAU by Cassina - Feltrinelli Foundation Milan - PHOTO © N Marco Santomauro

REFUGE TONNEAU by Cassina - Feltrinelli Foundation Milan - PHOTO © N Marco Santomauro

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