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Urban check!

Within the "Future Scalo" exhibition space of Promos, one immediately perceives the intention to make this important event live in an alternative way: MilanoCityScalo.

As soon as I arrived, the projections, the colors, the technology of Andrew Quinn totally captivated me, the people around me actively participated in the installation, walking, observing, becoming protagonists. Thus a sort of post-contemporary neo-renaissance is born, where one regains one's centrality and the valid idea of sociality.

At the meeting with Arch. Boschetti of Metrogramma Milano tells me about the effectiveness of this communication: here a game is created to sensitize the public to today's technology, eyes, feet, shop windows, streets: everything follows the sign of contemporaneity. An old vision is finally overcome, the static still life no longer exists, space is left for change: almost like a Malevich, the space becomes more lively, colorful, almost cinematic.

The street hides a double life: the architecture by day, simple, clear, and the architecture by night, made of lights, projections and movement that cancels the darkness of the night.

One word ... FUTURE!

Matteo Slope

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