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"I wish you were as beautiful as .."


"I wish you were as beautiful as Pescara" I read on a marquee, written in purple.

It could be the perfect definition of beauty, being as beautiful as a city, with its colorful morphology . Beauty that often lies in a dissonant element, such as an imperfect nose or an unusual mole on the face, but instinct leads us to choose the same more easily and to create the similar, the homogeneous, the order, which, however, sometimes it blocks the less monotonous spontaneity.

The artist Helen Eunhwa Oha in her illustrations does not portray the usual, but highlights the "diversity" of each face.

Just like the artist's search in the crowd, beauty in a city could be found precisely in knowing how to manage diversity , in its immense and articulated topography, which is not simple and which contrasts with the homologation of today's society, now perhaps inherent. in every designer.

To manage it, first of all you need to know it, understand it and not think that what is conventional is necessarily beautiful. It is also necessary to be good observers , to think and observe with the gaze of the "flâneurs", the "dreaming observers" of Victor Hugo , wandering aimlessly and using one's time without profit, dwelling on details, mingling with the crowd that inhabits and shape everything to your liking.

The map of our "Cité intérieure" could be precisely the urban landscape, the labyrinth in ourselves, that of our thinking, made up of sinuous or straight roads, "hiding places, attractive points or places to be feared, buildings of pride and tombs of suffering, good and evil, true and false, beautiful and horrible ”, contrasts present in every man and in every city, which do justice to one's beauty.

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