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Everyone at the table

Take a group of students in the third year of Architecture, add a spoonful of creativity, a pinch of well-dosed innovation and a handful, or rather let's do two, of craftsmanship, mix carefully and then "Everyone at the table".

These are the ingredients that led the Officina delle Invenzioni and the design professor Giuseppe di Bucchianico to create an event that aims to enhance artisanal production, without forgetting new technologies. The projects conceived by the students as part of the 2C design course on the theme: “Ceramic products for All for the preservation, preparation and consumption of food and drinks” are the pretext to give life to the challenge between machine and man. The mass production of 3D Italy's three-dimensional printers confronts the skilful art of the master lather Claudio Reginato and together they give shape to what were only drawings. The speed with which the hands join the clay and shape it still manages to surprise more than a mechanical arm intent on printing, the final results will also be similar but the emotions will not. Undoubtedly "Everyone at the table" is a tasty recipe to rediscover the pleasure of producing by getting your hands dirty.

Marco Corona

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