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Straw houses: fairytale or reality?

[…] On his way the Little Pig met a man carrying straw.
"Please give me some straw!" he said "I want to build myself a house"

We all know the story of the three little pigs and we all know the end of the straw house blown away by the wolf. But it is imperative to distinguish what is the fable from reality. Today, in the wake of eco-sustainability, energy saving and the rediscovery of ancient construction technologies, houses made with the waste material of wheat processing have returned to the fore: straw. Many companies offer to instruct on the use of this material. Among these, the Venetian farm "La Boa" which, in the conference " Building with straw bales " held in April at our university, presented, through its owner Stefano Soldati, both economic and construction advantages. of this material.

Advantages: Guarantees sound insulation, thermal insulation, resistant to seismic vibrations.

There don't seem to be any substantial disadvantages; fire resistance, elasticity can be comparable to masonry structures. But… How long will a house built of straw last?

Andrea D'Aloisio

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